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English International
Weeping Birch, Burwash, East Sussex, UK TN19 7HG
Tel: +44 (0)1435 882541 email: enquiries@englishinternational.co.uk
Contact in Paris: Mme. Madeleine Chantoiseau Tel: 0681141024 email: malaine@noos.fr

English International - Learn English in the UK.



The Course

English International | One-to-One Tuition in England. English Courses for the Classes Preparatoire.Our tutors, chosen to prepare our students for the examinations for the Grandes Ecoles competitive examinations, will help you to prepare for:

Written Examinations, reading and discussion of current affairs from quality newspapers, writing essays summarising articles and comparing world opinion on topical issues -  such as global warming, education, energy, etc.

Speaking and hearing only English, therefore improving your fluency and pronunciation.

Specific guidance on grammatical structure, and idiomatic phrases.

Oral Examinations. Commenting on press articles, BBC news and so on.

You will be speaking and listening to only English, the best way to gain fluency, vocabulary and pronunciation within an amazingly short time.

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