One-to-one English tuition for haut ecole, grande ecole competetive business examinations.

Séjour Linguistique Pour Classe Préparatoire. English tuition for haut ecole, grande ecole.
Weeping Birch, Burwash, East Sussex, UK TN19 7HG
Tel: +44 (0)1435 882541 email:
Contact in Paris: Mme. Madeleine Chantoiseau Tel: 0681141024 email:

One-to-one English tuition for haut ecole, grande ecole competetive business examinations.



Students have come to English International from the following Classes Préparatoires:

Lycée Carnot (Paris)
Lycée Fenelon Saint Marie (Paris)
Lycée Henri IV (Paris)
IPECOM Prépa Sciences (Paris)
Lycée Janson de Sailly (Paris)
Lycée Madeleine Daniélou (Paris)
Lycée Saint Louis de Gonzague (Paris)
Lycée St. Michel de Picpus (Paris)
Lycée Paul-Valéry (Paris)
Lycée Sainte Geneviève (dit) Ginette à Versailles (Versailles)
Lycée Saint Jean de Passy (Paris)
Lycée Saint Jean de Douai (Lille)
Lycée Richelieu (Paris)
Lycée Stanislas (Paris)
Lycée Thiers (Marseille)

A selection of student comments in 2015

"It has been a very enriching experience for me, the course was exactly as I expected and my family took very good care of me. Thank you for everything." HK (BS)

"I enjoyed my stay, the family was very friendly. Mrs. Mullan has good methods of teaching. I visited some lovely places, it is good to include outside activities." CM (BS)

"My stay was very helpful. I improved my English accent, oral and vocabulary. My tutor was very nice and a good cook. I also had a very pleasant time in Tenterden, the town where I lived." PA (BS)

"I do not at all regret my decision to have chosen English International. Thanks to my dedicated teacher I have made significant progress and I can start my third year of ‘prepa’ without stress." MS (BS)

"The teaching is perfect as we work on grammar, listening skills and the type of exams in prepa. The family is welcoming, kind and helpful – good conditions in which to work and make progress." ML (BS)

"It was a real pleasure to stay with Mr & Mrs Tomlinson. We visited a lot of places - even if some were a distance from their home." DS (Training to become a pilot).
This student returned two more times for further training with English International.

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